We’re stoked to have some awesome paddlers as part of Team Strongarm, who represent us on and off the water.  Being a Team Rider is more than just being a successful paddler and waterman/waterwoman.  We personally select paddlers and teams who are passionate about their sport, work hard in training and competition, and enjoy the ocean and their time on the water.

Our philosophy of strength through family and care for the ocean is a principle which each team rider is encouraged to promote within the paddling community.  Each of our Team Riders strives for excellence in all they do, whether it’s winning a race/title, or beating a personal best, the main thing is that when we put our minds to something, we stop at nothing to achieve it, both on and off the water.

Our Team Riders try to embody our motto “Power in the Water”, and we hope that when you see them out on the water that they can share some of that with you!