Team Aotearoa
A selection of 12 of the top mens outrigger paddlers in New Zealand have been chosen to be part of Team Aotearoa.  The team is led by Kingi Gilbert, and brings together paddlers from various parts of New Zealand and from some of the leading sixman crews in the country.  The crew will be heading to Tahiti on 20 May 2013, to compete in the gruelling Tahiti Nui 2013 (23-25 May 2013).  The race is a course of 177km over three days, with paddlers pushing the limits of physical and mental endurance.

The team have been training hard for the race, with flatwater river sessions in the Waikato, and open ocean runs in Tauranga, the crew is looking forward to the challenge.

Strongarm are fortunate to be able to provide race shirts and trucker caps for Team Aotearoa, which will feature the Navigator design, and in racing yellow, the team is sure to stand out in the line up of international crews competing in the race.  Hawaii will be sending two teams with some of the big names in Tahiti sure to set the pace and standard of competition.

We’ll post up some more pics of the team on Facebook, and wish them all the best next week.