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Te Aito 2014

After months of preparation and training, Team Strongarm paddlers Koha Alofa Vitolio, Ash Roozendaal and Tupuria King competed at Te Aito 2014 in Tahiti.  All of them had a great time and came away with some excellent results on the water and awesome experiences off the water as well.

Koha making the podium with a 3rd place finish in the Wahine Cadets race, an improvement on last years results and glimpse of what we’ll see in the future once she’s old enough to compete with the Open Womens.

Ash achieved 58th in the Tane Cadets race in a strong field, and then followed up by competing in the Open Mens race the following day in true Tahitian style.  It’s no wonder he’s a champion paddler and cross-fit exponent!

Tupuria King took a well earned 30th, and finishing ahead of top Tahitian paddler (and winner of the Kaiwi Solo 2014), Steeve Teihotaata.  An excellent result, and certainly a show of the amount of work that has gone into Tupu’s training this year.

Spectacular achievements by all, and they’re all primed for next years Aito!


Strongarm in Tahiti

This month, our team paddlers Tupuria King, Ash Roozendaal and Koha-Alofa Vitolio spent some time in Tahiti, living the paddlers life and getting ready for Te Aito 2014.  Koha left a little earlier than the others, spending time with family and getting accustomed to the climate and conditions.  Tupuria returned to Tahiti with plans to better his placing from 2013, and with wins at the Aotearoa Aito, Aussie Aito and a strong third place at Te Aito Taratoni in New Caledonia, Tupu’s training and preparations hopefully will stand him in good stead.

Koha testing canoes
Aotearoa Paddlers Arrive
Aotearoa Paddlers Arrive
The boys from Aotearoa










Ash was able to travel with his parents, and they also got to enjoy some great time on the water paddling in a few events leading up to Te Aito.  All of our paddlers competed in Moorea with the V1, V3 and the traditional V16 races.

From all reports, there was plenty of paddling, eating and a lot of sleeping going on to keep the bodies recovering and preparing for the big race.