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Navigator Design Meaning


It’s a little later than originally planned, but as promised on our Facebook page, we’ve included the meaning of the design from the Mens Navigator S/S Performance Top.

The design is actually the result of the first sketches and designs that inspired the Strongarm brand into reality and incorporates our view in paddling. The design is a tribute to the Polynesian voyagers/navigators who anciently traversed the South Pacific seas with expert knowledge of winds, currents and astronomy and skill that enabled them to explore the many islands and atolls that are little more than speck in the ocean expanse.

Paddle Blade

The shape of the design itself is in the form of a blade from an outrigger paddle or steering blade connecting the navigator to the ocean, becoming one with the current, wind and ocean life.


Each pattern represents the linking strands of Polynesian whakapapa or lineage, as the journey’s of the navigators linked the islands for trade, exploration and migration. The spirit of paddling brings about the connection again in modern Polynesia through Outrigger (Wa’a, Waka Ama, Va’a, Vaka) and now to others throughout the world with SUP.

Hope that gives you an insight into some of the design behind the scenes.

Team Strongarm

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